[ios] app store reject (5.1.1 Legal Privacy)


Common issue #1

Feedback from Apple app store

  1. 1.1 Legal: Privacy - Data Collection and Storage
    Guideline 5.1.1 - Legal - Privacy - Data Collection and Storage

We noticed that your app requests the user’s consent to access their camera and photos but does not clarify the use of the camera and photos in the applicable purpose string.

Next Steps

Please revise the relevant purpose string in your app’s Info.plist file to specify why the app is requesting access to the user’s camera and photos. You can modify your app’s Info.plist file using the property list editor in Xcode.

To help users understand why your app is requesting access to their personal data, all permission request alerts in your app should specify how your app will use the requested feature.


For additional information and instructions on requesting permission, please review the Requesting Permission section of the iOS Human Interface Guidelines and the Information Property List Key Reference. You may also want to review the Technical Q&A QA1937: Resolving the Privacy-Sensitive Data App Rejection page for details on how to provide a usage description for permission request alerts.

Please see attached screenshots for details.


<string>앱닥터에서 기기의 카메라에 액세스 하도록 허용하시겠습니까?</string>

<string>앱닥터에서 기기의 연락처에 액세스 하도록 허용하시겠습니까?</string>

<string>앱닥터에서 기기의 사진, 미디어, 파일에 액세스 하도록 허용하시겠습니까?</string>


<string>카메라는 후기 등록을 위한 사진 촬영에 활용합니다.</string>

<string>연락처 정보는 고객센터 전화문의 연결시 활용합니다.</string>

<string>해당 정보는 이미지 캐시, 후기를 등록하기위한 사진 첨부에 활용합니다.</string>