[faq] How to use WTA app


Install WTA App (Base WebApp)

  1. Android: Download APK and install the mobile app. Please refer below URL for downloading.
  2. iOS: Get the UDID of your iOS device and contact AppDoctor. AppDoctor will prepare URL for iOS installation. Please refer below URL to find your UDID.
    iTunes: https://www.innerfence.com/howto/find-iphone-unique-device-identifier-udid
    Safari: Please contact http://get.udid.io/ and get UDID
    Or contact AppDoctor: +82-2-6490-1770 / info@appdoctor.co.kr

Set target any URL and run the app

  1. Move to Admin website for WTA (http://wta.appdr.com/ -> click LOGIN)
  2. Move to page (http://wta.appdr.com/admin/login.html -> click <회원가입>)
  3. Enter email ID / Enter PW / Enter Target URL / Click check-box / Click <회원가입> button
  4. Run WTA app and enter email ID
  5. You can test your Website as WebApp (Sample URL: www.homedaymall.com )

Send push notification to your app users
Access to admin page (http://wta.appdr.com/admin/login.html)

  1. Enter notification title
  2. Enter notification message
  3. Enter image URL (if any)
  4. Enter URL to move
  5. Send push notification to users

Change your target URL
Access to admin page

  1. Move to user configuration page
  2. Change target URL
  3. Click save button

Change your password of admin page
Access to admin page

  1. Move to user configuration page
  2. Enter new password
  3. Confirm new password
  4. Click save button